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Horizontal pumps with mechanical seals

Our products include Villina-GNGC-2T type centrifugal horizontal pumps with tandem mechanical seals type according to your parameters. These are used for transit in stationary conditions of neutral, corrosive, toxic, as well as explosive and fire hazardous liquids, the vapors of which can form explosive mixtures with air. The units are mainly used by petrochemical industry companies.

Parameters of operating fluids (liquids):

  • temperature from -50oС to +420oС
  • viscosity up to 160 cSt
  • density 2,000 kg/m3 max, with a high concentration of particles
  • particle size over 0.2 mm, but not exceeding free passage of the impeller (3 to 12 mm depending on the pump rate)

For such conditions, mechanical seals (operating temperature up to 425°C) of well-known companies are used, such as:

  • UNICHIMTEK Group of Companies and others

Design features

The unit consists of a pump, a base plate, an electric motor, a casing and a support system.

The pump, a part of the unit, is a single-stage or multi-stage horizontal centrifugal section-type canned pump powered by an asynchronous explosion-proof AC electric motor

The tightness of the shaft is ensured by the use of a tandem mechanical seal, which improves precision of providing the seal surface geometry. In addition, the surface of the shaft and its bearing is not damaged. The thermal action and wear of the sealing faces leads to elongation of parts and assemblies of the seal elements. Therefore, to compensate for the disalignment of the surfaces of the O-rings, at least one elastic part must be provided in the design of the unit - a membrane, a bellows, an elastic rubber formed part or a spring.

The tandem mechanical seal has two pairs of seal end faces. The barrier fluid circulating by means of an impeller cools and lubricates the stationary and rotating faces and at the same time creates a fluid seal in the seal chamber.

The barrier fluid can be water, glycerin, antifreezing agent and other liquids that do not react with the pumped fluid.

At the customer’s request, the units can be equipped with a Plan 52 or Plan 53 support system manufactured by Villina that meets the requirements of API 682 standard.

At the customer’s request, the mechanical seal support system can be equipped with an automatic monitoring and protection system that provides control of the barrier fluid temperature, level and pressure.

Villina centrifugal oil pumps with mechanical seals are leakproof, have long service life and are highly repairable.