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ООО "Villina"
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Villina is a successful team of professionals in production and supply of equipment for petroleum refineries, gas refining enterprises, chemical enterprises and other industries.

Our work cycle begins with receipt of applications and ends with equipment launch at your facilities. A wide range of pumping equipment made by us allows you to make the best choice of a type pump. A multi-stage quality control system ensures a high level of performance for all technological processes. Each product undergoes strict quality control. The company's products are fully certified.

We also provide good after-sales service and post-warranty maintenance. Unlike foreign manufacturers, we guarantee prompt delivery of parts, components and consumables.

Subject specialization of production gives us an advantage in quality in relation to closed-cycle manufacturers. A system of outsourcing incidental processes helps reduce costs, and, accordingly, reduce the cost of finished products for our buyers.

The basic product line includes Villina brand canned vertical, horizontal and semi-submersible pumping units.

    What are the advantages of canned pumps with respect to self-priming pumps?
  • No need to pre-fill the pump part with the pumped liquid.
  • Higher pump rates and head rates.

As for pumps with self-priming units, they are structurally simple and can be serviced and repaired without opening the tank when installed on the lids of tanks and pits, instead of semi-submersible pumps.

For pumping explosive and flammable fluids, our company has mastered the production of horizontal canned pumps with mechanical seals and polymer-coated pumps.


The structural difference of a vertical pump with a magnetic coupling is explained by the possibility of manufacturing a pump with higher head and with smaller dimensions due to the multi-stage design of the wet end. Horizontal pumps are well-known for simplicity of design, maintenance and operation.

Every employee of Villina works to create a reliable and safe product. We invite you to visit us in Penza to see the benefits of working with our company with your own eyes. We are sure that our products will become a part of your development and success!