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Spare parts and accessories for Villina pumps

We produce and supply spare parts and accessories for Villina pumps and other brand pumps:

  1. Magnetic coupling drives for stirring devices
  2. Bowls and impellers
  3. Bearings
  4. Rings
  5. Shafts

Magnetic coupling drives for stirring devices

Magnetic coupling drives for stirring devices

The magnetic coupling drives for stirring devices are designed to be installed immediately into the tank and provide the necessary stirring of the product. The drive is electrically driven and consists of two half-couplings (driven and driven magnetic half-couplings), bearing assembly and the stirring device itself. Stirring devices (mixers) are of several types: paddle, anchor, propeller, U-type, etc.

We develop and supply turn-key solutions for our customers. Magnetic coupling drives for stirring devices are custom-tailored for each specific customer's application in accordance with the sketches provided or according to the parameters specified in the questionnaire form.

Bowls and impellers

Bowls and impellers

We offer bowls and impellers for centrifugal pumps made of: steel 20H13L, steel 12H18N9TL, steel 12H18N12M3TL according to GOST 977-88.


Bearings for pumps

We supply thrust bearings (bearing plates, end thrust bearing), rolling bearing (combined type) and support bearings (plain journal bearings) made of the following material: tungsten carbide (WC); silicon carbide (SiC), VK8 alloy, etc.

Combined bearings

We offer combined type bearings, which provide excellent resistance to long-term operation in dry running mode.


rubber sealing O-ring

We supply rubber sealing O-ring comforming with GOST 9833-73 “Rubber sealing O-rings”.

We produce:

  • flat paronite and fluoroplastic gaskets in accordance with GOST 481-80
  • high-temperature TEG (thermally expanded graphite) gaskets according to STO 00220575.001-2007
  • heat-resistant spiral-wound gaskets according to GOST R 52376-2015


Shafts for pumping units

We produce shafts for pumping units made of the following materials: steel 20H13, 30H13, 40H13 as per GOST 5632-2014; GOST 5949-2018; 14H17N2 as per GOST 5949-2018. Shafts made of other materials are also available subject to prior agreement.

  • Maximum length: up to 2 meters.
  • Maximum diameter: 100 mm.

Subject to preliminary agreement, we are able to supply larger diameter shafts. All parts are manufactured according to drawings.