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Components of Villina pumping equipment

The Villina pumps supply package may include steel slip-on flat counter flanges in accordance with GOST 12820-80, with mounting dimensions and sealing faces in accordance with GOST 12815-80, with gaskets of OPR oil-and-petrol resistant paronite in accordance with GOST 481-80, and fasteners.

Welding neck counter flanges in accordance with GOST 12821-80 and spiral wound gaskets (SWG) may be in included in the supply package.

Villina pumps may be supplied with a spare parts kit for 2 years of operation including spare parts that must be replaced during the pump maintenance, special tools and wrenches for assembling and disassembling of the pump unit, a video on assembling and disassembling (complete with vertical and semi-submersible pumps). The spare parts kit may be expanded at the Customer's request. An extended spare parts kit is designed for pump operation for 4 years. The spare parts kit may also include a strainer designed for installation on the suction pipe to prevent scale from the piping system from entering the suction pipe during breaking-in.

For instance, the spare parts kit for GNVC series vertical pumps and GNVC-P series semi-submersible pumps includes:

  • ENG 6208ZZ and SKF 6208ZZ rolling-element bearings (used only in the design of GNVC-P series semi-submersible pumps);
  • ceramic sleeve type bearings, each of them consists of a S series protection sleeve, a S series thrust bearing, a S series cushion, a S series fixed support;
  • N-183 or SB-26 (for high-temperature pumps) interbody O-rings in accordance with GOST 9833-73/ GOST 18829-73;
  • PMB 2 seal gaskets in accordance with GOST 481-80;
  • А.М12-6gх60.66.05 pull-off ejector bolt in accordance with GOST 1482-84 (for easy assembling and disassembling of the pump unit);
  • a special wrench for assembling and disassembling of the magnetic coupling assembly;
  • open side wrenches;
  • a video on on commissioning, assembling and disassembling of the pump unit during maintenance;
  • a tool case (for storaging tools for assembling and disassembling of pumps), gloves, etc.

Pipe designs and shut-off and control valves can be supplied together with the pump. These include wedge valves, ball valves, screw valves, etc, including motor-operated products.

When used in the Far North, if environment heating is necessary, Villina pumps are equipped with thermal covers with an explosion-proof heating cable.

Heating and warming devices used in Villina pumps prevent serious damage to the pumping equipment. Failure of sliding bearings during start because of damage to the friction faces due to the presence of crystals of the pumped medium on them at a temperature below the operating range is ruled out. "Rupture" and deformation of the impeller due to the presence of the pumped medium polymerized at low temperature are also ruled out.

Villina pumping units are designed for operation using a variable speed drive (VSD). Also, electronic frequency converters capable of creating output voltage of a given frequency are used together with domestic and foreign asynchronous motors. In contrast to the choking method (regulation of pump parameters by a valve on the discharge pipe), such devices make it possible to effectively regulate the parameters of pumps with minimal energy loss and significantly expand the operating range.

Villina pumping units are equipped with instrumentation and control to prevent failures and breakdowns and to increase the overhaul run and life cycle.

The warning and disabling function block diagram (P&ID) includes the following primary sensors:

  • temperature gages of the pump rolling element bearings;
  • temperature gages of the electric motor rolling element bearings;
  • temperature gages of the electric motor windings;
  • a pressure gage at the pump delivery pipe (for protection against "dry running");
  • in NCG series pumps, a low/high-level indicator of coolant in the tank of the mechanical seal support system for protection when the level of coolant in the tank is below (above) the maximum acceptable level;
  • a temperature gage of the coolant in the tank of the mechanical seal support system for protection of NCG series pumps when the maximum acceptable temperature of the liquid in the tank is exceeded;
  • a temperature gage of the sealing sleeve of the magnetic coupling for protection against overheating of the magnetic coupling in GNVC, GNGC series pumps.

Villina electric pump units are equipped with portable digital vibro-meters with remote vibration sensors for control of the vibration level of the main components during routine inspections.

Signals from the primary sensors, through secondary converters, enter the pump unit control cabinet (PUCC) which is used for start-up, adjustment of parameters and safety shutdown of the pump.

Depending on the operational requirements for the Villina pump unit, a soft starter (for pumps with electric motors of more than 45 kW power), direct enabling and disabling devices, frequency drives and a controller may be included in the PUCC. After processing the incoming signals, the data is subsequently transferred to the operation process control system (PCS) where all the received data is arranged and output to the graphic display and logged in the computer.

If there is no centralized PCS at the facility, then protection of Villina pump units can be carried out in a simplified mode by monitoring the electrical parameters of the power supply network of the pump motor using a cos φ power factor checking relay.

Technical experts of Villina will select spare parts and components for pumping equipment on your instruction, taking into account the budget of your project.

By purchasing Villina pumping units you get a comprehensive technical solution and equipment fully equipped and ready for commissioning at your facility.